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An incredible weekend at the NEC.  Incredible because a few years ago the last thing I would have wanted to do on the weekend was spend it at a big Company event.  Yet every minute was captivating.

So much recognition for those who had achieved goals and incentives.  It means alot because we know how challenging it can be when you make that decision that you are going to change your life.  For most of us there doesnt seem to be a way to get time and money.  How can you have both – Ultimate Freedom?    We know this opportunity allows us and thousands of others around the world to help make that happen for those who work with us.  It means learning new skills, working in little gaps of time and gradually building something which makes that change happen.  This weekend saw 3,000 of us as well as lots of our team listening to people who had had the courage to make that change – people just like us


It was extra special this time because we had two of our team – Adele & Helen being recognised along side us for achieving an incentive in December.   Free event tickets, Champagne breakfast, extra special training and a fantastic goody bag apart from the recognition given over the weekend for their efforts.  Now thats the way to make people feel valued and motivated.  The ideas they suggested that evening at our team dinner created so much excitement for the future.

Special recognition for us as VIP Leaders in helping our team just means we want to do more of it.  No wonder the Company have the Investor In People Gold award!

The excitement continued over the weekend with training from the very top Business Owners in the Company – sharing their experience, tips and recommendations to help those just setting out in their journey.  A very unusual thing to happen because in a traditional business promotions are limited so helping others achieve doesnt make sense.  Here it pays to do that and creates an amazing, supported and genuinely positive atmosphere


Being curious about what we do is good, that was me.  Why? because I wanted more time and flexibility but I wanted a good income too – something I didnt think possible.  Curiosity led me to an amazing Company, marketing plan and income and to what I didnt expect, the ability to change other peoples lives in the process.  It is the most liberating feeling ever.

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