About Us……and Our Opportunity for You to Develop a Lifestyle of Your Choice !

We are Julie and Neil Shepherd.

We are two very different people who have found fun and happiness in our differences and enjoy having the luxury of working together to build our future together.

Our reasons for Jumping at the Opportunity to start Benefit FullCircle were very different though our long term goals were the same.  Let us share what we saw and what has happened since.

About Julie …..

As a Chartered Management Accountant I had built a successful Career culminating in my last employed role as a Finance Director.  A job I initially loved despite working 60 hours a week (and getting paid 35) but over 4 years became very uncomfortable with the way the business and its people were being managed. Ethics and treating people ‘properly’ is my highest value so I decided to build my own business working as a Consultant, helping Companies grow and develop.

I was successful and enjoyed my work but realised that working full time was not something I would want in 10 years time.  I longed for more time but also the income to enable Neil and I to travel more, see more of my family and enjoy my pleasure of walking.

It was the ability to develop a Full Time Income but working Part Time hours which I first saw in the Forever Opportunity.  I started working it very part time around my hectic and time demanding Consultancy business, gradually being able to reduce the clients to those I loved and my hours at the same time.

Forever has been a complete change, from a structured, corporate environment focused on increasing business profit, to a lifestyle business focused on helping people. I now empower people from all backgrounds to build their own business and achieve the lives they have always dreamed of.

I work with some amazing people from so many different backgrounds, cultures and ages.  Having a proven business plan means I can coach anyone with the determination and work ethic to succeed regardless of their experience, qualifications or skills.  The support provided enables anyone with the right attitude to be successful.  The feeling of making a real difference in other peoples lives is something I didn’t expect when I looked at this Opportunity.

I now have the choice about how much of my Consultancy I do and who my clients are.  I have the luxury of being able to pick up my Grandsons when needed, to visit my family frequently, spending quality time with my Mum as often as possible and enjoy lots of time away with Neil.

About Neil …..

I had worked in Construction for 25 years, 20 of those as a qualified Scaffolder but after a serious accident in 2008 which left me with severe injuries including a broken back, shattered heels and a few other broken bones, I had a long road to recovery.

I was told I would not work again and there was a possibility of not walking again.

With no other skills outside of construction or driving …… I wasn’t sure what I was going to do to survive !

When Forever was offered to us I was sceptical but open to taking a look at what was on offer. I immediately saw a way I could replace my Income in half the hours and without having to be out in all weathers.

What has happened since is the total opposite of my skills in construction…. I have developed skills in communication and Speaking to audiences as well as basic skills in the use of technology, language, spelling and grammar – all a challenge when I embarked on my journey as Benefit FullCircle.

The change in my skills, attitude and beliefs has been fantastic but it was knowing I had the support of a Mentor, an existing structure and training to help me as I developed which made the difference.