Meet Emma & Ian talking about Building a Business on Aloe !

We just love these guys…. Here what they have to say :


Emma was only interested in the products, she thought she didn’t need a business…

It was summer, and a dear friend was chatting to me. I was sharing my most secret health concerns with her. To be honest I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I knew in that moment tea and cake with her was my best solution!

She shared with me what she had done. She made no promises, just told me her story which had started with the drinking gel. I only had one question in my mind… “Where can I get some?!” She explained the business opportunity, but I dismissed it…why would I want a business when my husband had a very successful architectural practice, with RIBA awards? He was at the top of his game; we travelled when we wanted and had all the luxuries of life – cars, holidays, even a boat.

In a short time, I got tremendous benefits from drinking the gel and started to explore other products in the Forever range. I saw the benefit of joining the business – it seemed a ‘no-brainer’ to get great products at a discount. I’m an ‘all-or-nothing’ person, so armed with a dozen black bin bags, it was time to clear the decks. Out went all my skin and personal care products – the cupboard was bare. All those bottles under the sink…gone. It didn’t feel drastic to me at all; I’d made the commitment and nailed my stake in the ground. I knew this business was going to be part of my life – long term. I felt like a woman ‘possessed’, by aloe! The aloe and the products were doing me good. I was feeling fab. Once again, I declined the business opportunity, I thought I didn’t need a business!

Fast-forward four years. My husband’s rock-solid business – the one that gave us all the luxurious trappings of life, took a downturn and ended. I don’t believe in coincidences but at the right time, this opportunity fell into my lap again. I didn’t know anything about what business meant, and certainly didn’t know how to set up and run my own successful business, but, I knew the part-time positions available to me were slim and the pay offered was rubbish! I knew what I wanted, and I was prepared to take a leap of faith. When I discussed it with my husband his response was that he wasn’t interested. Undeterred, I decided to take my first steps on my own as a business owner like Julie & Neil.

I got myself a few customers and added to my team. When, a few weeks later, my first bonus cheque dropped on the mat my husband said, “Darling, that’s not going to feed the cat!”

But I’m tenacious! Once I’ve made my mind up, there really is no stopping me. So, I made my plan, stuck to it and worked hard. Six months later, another bonus cheque arrived and what did my husband say?  “Darling, I really need to look at this don’t I?” The penny had dropped and he joined me in the business.

Since then our business has grown in several countries, which I didn’t think could ever be possible. We’ve been rewarded for our time and effort. There have been so many international trips I’ve lost count! Our flexible business saved us and put us in a comfortable financial position. We got back all the luxuries of life we thought we’d lost. But most of all, this company shares our life values and ethics, which is so important. We have been supported by an amazing team. Good friends are hard to come by; we feel you are our friends.

Wow what a story…. Don’t you agree ?

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