It’s about changing your life as well as changing your skills and earning more money.

It’s best to invest some of that early money into your lifestyle. Go to the movies. Go to a fancy dinner. Take two holidays instead of one. Think of exciting lifestyle changes. Don’t miss anything. Just do some little extra things so this new commitment to earning more and becoming more inspires you, your family, your friends.

With that little extra money, work at creating a lifestyle, designing a life—social friendships, church, community, country, all those things that make a composite of our overall life. Start furnishing that with new vigor, vitality, money, whatever it takes to expand your life into what I call …….. the good life.

Get excited about changing things. One discipline leads to another. One change leads to another and when you feel good about yourself and start to make the turn to do something you’ve never done before, it starts to work, then you get excited about changing other areas of your life as well.

After you have made your fortune, the money and extravagance might not seem as big a deal, but fortunately you can then create even more opportunities for benevolence, philanthropy and giving.

I’m certainly not saying to focus only on external pleasures and rewards. Your relationships, health and well-being are all important, but in the beginning, when the rewards of your hard work begin paying off, make sure and treat yourself and those closest to you to a new world of lifestyle and celebrations.

We at Benefit FullCircle will guide you to your desired lifestyle at the pace you decide !