Costa Navarino – Greece

Well ….. What an experience !

Never to be missed again !


If someone said to you you can have two free international trips every year.

What would you think ?

WELL ……. This trip to Costa Navarino in Greece was just one of those “Free Trips” – One we call Eagle Manager.

It gave us the opportunity to mix with fellow business owners from around the world and to get together to celebrate success and to also learn from others who have achieved and developed six figure incomes – and more !

To have access to experienced business builders within the same industry who are more than happy to share their knowledge and experiences – both good and bad – to help us all grow our businesses even further is just absolutely amazing – What other Companies offer such help ?

greece-walesWhat did we do ? …….  Well, Two mornings were taken up with what we mention above, plus optional afternoon training’s which we took advantage of once ! We ate ….. a lot, had the evenings to meet up with friends and colleagues from the UK for a few drinks.

On our full free day we got a little exercise in …… we hired mountain bikes for the day ! – We were directed in the direction of the beautiful cove you will see on the Costa Navarino website which was a 6k ride away (12k in total – If we didn’t get lost !) Thats about all the exercise we did…. other than walking.

toga-partyAn amazing Toga Party was on the final night….. All our international colleagues dressed for fun in Greek attire, drinks, food, entertainment and dance were all on the agenda.

Both of us have been in a traditional business and in employment, but we have never experienced such desire from others to help others who are doing the same job / work as themselves !!!

How easy would it be to get five days off, get paid and have flights, accommodation and food paid for in a 9-5 job ? – (if there is such a job today !)

For us working alongside a Global Organisation and developing a solid, secure and stable Network Marketing Business is simply the best way forward for us……because unless we help others to become successful, then business does not grow – So the basics are “If we just help enough other people get what they want then we can achieve everything in life we want” !

Working alongside Forever just ….. ! Just gives you that shiver down your spine when you realise how they repay us all for working hard, we all have the same opportunity to build financial security with extraordinary incomes and have a luxury lifestyle, but what Forever do even tops the income….. offering everyone the same opportunity to build an income they choose (No-Limits) have the chance to go on two Free 5* international trips (each Year) have 36 monthly cash payments paid direct into our banks (an incentive we call Car Plan in the UK) & work towards a share of the Chairman’s Bonus (We’ll talk about these another time)!

Whats NEXT ? ……. Find Out Here !

This can be your journey if you would like to be part of the destination !

Contact us for more information – Julie & Neil