It’s not about where you are right now – It’s about where you want to be !

Back in May 2008 i was in a well paid job but alas that came to a sudden stop !

You cannot plan for something happening out of the blue….. or can you !!

I wish i had….. But thankfully an opportunity developed where i could learn new skills to build a future. So after a few years developing a whole new range of skills & one of the biggest of those was speaking to people in a polite manner.

The reason i mention this is because this month February 2018 my lifestyle change was published in our Company Magazine…. who would have thought !!!

MY STORY about New Beginnings can be read in full HERE

How did my life change ?

Before May 2008 i was a simple guy (not in the thick sense) just happy to earn a crust and make sure we were bobbing along with our heads above the water…. day in day out, week in week out, month in month out, year after year !

After May 2008……. BANG…… OUCH !

No job – No income – No future…….. So i thought !

Year on Year, Month after Month, Day after Day I’ve learnt that if something stops you going any further in a career….. There is a reason for it to do so. I believe someone was trying to tell me its time to stop working in construction but by not taking any notice of the signs it took a major accident to make me stop working in construction.


I’m a down to earth Yorkshire guy who worked the best part of twenty five years in construction, mostly scaffolding in many places and a few different countries. I don’t brag i don’t make promises but i do tend to tell the truth a lot !

I always say “You need a good memory to tell lies”……. Telling the truth is really a safety barrier. It may hurt you at first but it can save you too ! …….. Think about it !!!

TODAY…. I build relationships and friendships and i share a lifestyle opportunity where individuals can change their future if they so desire. I don’t expect everyone to understand what i do or join me in developing as a person, but i do know that everyone deserves that chance to have a choice about their future….. and not for someone else to decide if you can or can’t – that’s got to be your choice and which ever you decide you will be right !

We at Benefit FullCircle are here to show you how you can change your future !