What is the Lifestyle you Want ?

You have a choice about how you live your Lifestyle !


Here’s what Philomena had to say ……

Hello, My names Philomena Guandai…… My background was in law; as Secretary and Legal Advisor to the Kenyan community in Britain. Although in a very successful career, I was struggling to achieve work-life balance, bogged down with work, financial commitments and stress, and didn’t feel I was living the lifestyle that I wanted.

I first came across Forever when I was finishing my Masters degree, not looking to start a business. What initially attracted me were the bonuses on offer, much higher than with another network marketing company that had approached me; Forever was an opportunity with real income potential.

Coming from such a specific working background, in the beginning I did find some aspects of the business to be a little outside of my comfort zone, but I was determined to get back control of my life, so I stuck at it.

My journey with Forever has not only been very financially rewarding, but also created so many friendships along the way, and the team are more like a family to me now.

I now have the work-life balance I was searching for.


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