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Meet Jason a single father of two boys……


Jason Yates is a separated father of two young boys & didn’t want to fall into the category of being an evening and weekend dad, so when he started working his business in July 2015, he saw it has that New Challenge to change his life.

Here’s what Jason had to say ……. My employment started in the army. I served for eight years in multiple countries and environments which meant working with a wide range of people. After leaving in 2008 I set up business within a franchise of coffee shops, but this involved working long hours and travelling to Nottingham and Derby on a daily basis. I did this for several years but after I split with my wife and I realised I couldn’t continue the business (we were also business partners).

I needed a change but enjoyed the freedom of self-employment so I decided to look at other business ventures. However, many seemed to come with high set-up costs and ultimately were high risk !   At this time I was approached by my now sponsor (the person who introduced me to forever) they offered me the opportunity to earn extra and since I’d known them for many years I could see they were doing well. I watched the online BP (Business Presentation) and the business blew my mind – I registered right away.

As soon as I signed up I met with other Business Owners just like in Forever Living Wales & Benefit FullCircle. I just listened and copied what I was told. I didn’t actually sell a product until three weeks later as my partner and I were doing the C9 cleanse first. We uploaded daily posts detailing our progress and that’s when the business found momentum. A few weeks later I went on holiday, and to be honest I thought everything would stall – I was wrong. We sat on our sunbeds messaging people every day and I even managed to sign up several team members. Consequently I was promoted after only seven weeks (there’s nothing stopping anyone going for promotions with Forever Living Wales)

We arrived back from our holiday, arranged a planning meeting, and attended our first Success Express (These are regular events held where all business owners meet and celebrate success with each other) I achieved Manager on Halloween and although a lot of people see Forever as a business for females, I believe the structure, foundations and training in place means anyone can be successful. Our business grows stronger each day, and not only has it earned us extra money, it’s also enabled me to spend more time with my children. I can now also plan holidays throughout the year, decorate the house, work from home, work with the people I choose, and wake up looking forward to the day ahead !

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