Work – Life – Balance


Life Can Be FUN !

By Julie Raikes Shepherd

Despite not being academically clever and not going to university, I discovered that if you’re passionate about what you do, you work hard and learn the skills you need to be successful, you can achieve anything.

Although I had worked hard and achieved so much I still felt I was in a rat race. I didn’t feel I had time to squeeze anything else into my life I but started my own franchise style business around my full time, 70 hour week Consultancy.

I now work part time, where, when and how I want and with whom I want. I have been able to make different choices in my life. I now help people to achieve their own success and design a life they want to live. As a coach and mentor I help people I work alongside to achieve their goals and write their own story of achievement.

In 2017 I am actively expanding my business in the UK. I am searching for like minded people who are ready to make a change in their life. I work alongside new people every month on a part time and full time basis to help them achieve success.

This is for you if you fit into one or more of the categories below…

• You want to earn an extra income flexibly around your current commitments
• You have an ambition to run your own business or be your own boss
• You are ready for a career change
• You have a desire to travel and meet new people
• You want more time to enjoy your life and spend time with your family
• You would like to develop yourself to grow in confidence and learn new skills
• You are hard working and you have a desire to achieve success

To receive more information please send me a message with your contact details Here.

I look forward to sharing more information with you.
Julie x


Benefit FullCircle helping people worldwide develop the Lifestyle they choose in the Time they have available !